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On April 11, US President Biden held an hour long video meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi, and held a “frank dialogue” on India’s position in the Russian Ukrainian conflict.   According to U.S. government officials, Biden did not ask modi to express his position on the situation in Russia and Ukraine during the meeting, nor did he ask modi to make a guarantee to stop buying Russian oil and gas resources.   However, although Biden did not directly ask modi to make a commitment, the repeated warnings of the white house do exist, and both sides “know it”. In the video meeting, Biden and modi’s expressions changed subtly whenever they talked about the core topics related to India’s purchase of Russian energy.   Biden asked modi: Why are you on the Russian side? I\'ll give you energy. India didn\'t advise this time-1 Video meeting between Biden and modi Since the two sides talked about the matter, Biden will not miss the opportunity to “mention” modi face to face.   Biden “euphemistically” said that India’s international status in the world will not be improved by buying Russian energy. In this regard, Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng said at a press conference after the meeting that the United States should focus on Europe rather than India, and explained that our total procurement this month is less than that of Europe in an afternoon.   According to statistics, after the United States and Europe imposed sanctions on Russian entities, India was “tempted” by a sharp discount. Since the outbreak of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, India has purchased at least 13 million barrels of Russian crude oil. Last year, India purchased about 16 million barrels.   However, as India said, the import volume of European countries is amazing! You should know that Russia’s average daily oil production is about 10 million barrels. In this way, India imports only 5% of Russia’s oil production.   Biden asked modi: Why are you on the Russian side? I\'ll give you energy. India didn\'t advise this time-2 Modi data map India’s tough attitude may have been expected by the United States. In order to avoid greater disputes between the two countries, White House spokesman pusaki stressed that “the president made it very clear that increasing India’s energy imports from Russia is not in their interests”. She also said that our goal is to strengthen this direction and encourage them to go further.   As for whether to force and pressure India, pusaki did not give a positive reply, but only made a careless eye with “Washington is ready to help India enrich its energy supply”.   The United States said that it was willing to provide the so-called help to India. In fact, it was a false promise of lip service but not real. Presumably, this face of the United States was “impressive” for India. After all, India had already realized the short support of the United States at the time of the most serious epidemic.   Therefore, India’s firm position this time is also to ensure its normal production. Of course, India and Russia have always had good diplomatic relations. This time, India stands up for Russia and believes that Russia will not let India suffer.