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On June 15, the day Microsoft permanently closed its Internet Explorer, related topics rushed to the microblog hot search. Users reacted on both sides. Some people called “Yeqing Jie” directly, and some complained that it was too late to close it. When it comes to closing IE browser, a Microsoft spokesman told the Beijing business daily, “we have seen that with the development of new web standards and innovations, the development of browsers needs overall consideration, and Microsoft edge (IE browser) has surpassed Internet Explorer (IE browser) in technology.”.   After closing IE browser, Microsoft selected edge browser as the “disk acceptor” of IE browser users. In fact, this arrangement was already indicated when edge browser was launched in 2015. At that time, Microsoft was encouraging users to stop using IE browser and turn to edge browser. Unexpectedly, this farewell lasted for seven years.   No matter in terms of revenue or user size, Internet Explorer is not the focus for Microsoft. Closing Internet Explorer is more like emotional marketing, which is the reason why people in the industry doubt that Microsoft is not decisive enough to close Internet Explorer. After all, over the past seven years, Google’s Chrome browser market share has surpassed that of Internet Explorer, and continues to this day. Microsoft’s tob business represented by cloud computing has been the main revenue of Microsoft.   Farewell to IE browser on June 15   According to the response speed of IE, it should not find itself closed until the end of the month. Under the hot search of “Microsoft IE browser was permanently closed on June 15” on the microblog, this comment ranked first in the comment area due to the largest number of likes. Compared with the glorious past, this contrast is embarrassing.   Ie was born in 1995. It was a browser developed by Microsoft in its own windows to resist the mainstream Netscape browser at that time. When the market share was the highest, it reached 95%.   “The success of IE stems from the pre installation scale brought about by the huge installed capacity of windows, rather than standing out in the competition based on its own product strength. This also leads to IE’s lack of attention to product upgrading and innovation. With the emergence of more and more competitive products, their user experience, product innovation, ecological construction and other aspects of iteration are very fast, which makes it more and more difficult for IE to hold the market share and eventually be marginalized.” Zhangchengyu, assistant general manager of Analysys enterprise digital center, spoke frankly to the reporter of Beijing business daily.   According to the Statistics website StatCounter, from May 2021 to may 2022, chrome, Safari, edge, Firefox and Europen, the top five browsers in the world, have a total market share of 96.52%, while other browsers share the remaining 3.48%, and IE’s market share is included in this 3.48%.   Through users’ disdain for ie, we can also see the reasons for the decline of IE market share. “Finally, there is no need to solve the front-end compatibility problem of IE” and “ie is off, and the most happy thing is the front-end”. The so-called front-end “is the website staff for adapting the browser”. Wang Chao, the founder of Wenyuan think tank, explained to the reporter of Beijing business daily, “now most websites don’t adapt to ie, but choose to adapt to chrome and safari. Now ie is off, and it’s free to be an ie compatible front-end staff”.   Does the edge browser work   Under the announcement that Internet Explorer was closed, Microsoft wrote: “if any website needs to use Internet Explorer to access, please use the IE mode in the faster and more modern edge browser.”   A Microsoft spokesman introduced to the reporter of Beijing business daily, “Microsoft released the chromium based Microsoft edge on january15,2020 to provide first-class compatibility in speed, performance, website and expansion, as well as built-in privacy and security features. Since the announcement of the discontinuation of ie11 desktop applications on may19,2021, we have been actively communicating and cooperating with organizations and individual consumers to ensure that they are ready and have the resources necessary for the smooth transition of ie11 after its discontinuation on june15,2022 。 ”   The spokesman also stressed: “the IE mode of Microsoft edge is the only browser built-in to support ie based web applications and sites, including downward compatibility support for ActiveX controls and other functions. Enterprises can set the IE mode for their users, and individual users can also access the IE mode as needed.”   According to StatCounter data, from May 2021 to may 2022, edge browser occupied 9.11% of the market share, ranking third in China. Chrome and safari ranked first and second respectively, with corresponding market shares of 66.99% and 9.66% respectively.   It is worth noting that chrome has been in the top position for many years. According to relevant data, in 2016, chrome surpassed ie in market share for the first time, becoming the browser with the largest number of users in the world, and has always maintained a leading edge. “It can be said that chrome has counterattacked in a monopoly market.” Wang Chao spoke frankly.   Zhangchengyu paid more attention to the role of browsers in different times, “In the PC era, the penetration rate of browsers to Internet users (that is, the proportion of APP active users in the total Internet users) Nearly 100%, but in the era of mobile Internet, the situation is obviously different. According to the monitoring data of Analysys Qianfan in May 2022, the penetration rate of browser products to mobile Internet users is only 42.3%, significantly lower than 98.6% of social platforms, 89.9% of payments and 83.6% of short video platforms, which means that browsers are no longer the core entrance of the mobile Internet era. “.   Microsoft’s edge business   In fact, for Microsoft, browser has not been the core business of Microsoft. In the early stage, Microsoft’s trumps included windows, office and Xbox. In the later stage, Microsoft made great strides in the field of cloud computing.   Microsoft’s financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2022 (i.e. the first quarter of 2022) shows that Microsoft’s revenue is $49.4 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 18%, of which the revenue of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud department, including azure cloud services, sqlserver, windows server and other enterprise services, is $19.1 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 26%, making it the largest contributor to Microsoft’s revenue. The revenue of Microsoft’s productivity and business process department was $15.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17%, and the revenue of more personalized computing business was $14.5 billion, an increase of 11%.   In Wang Chao’s opinion, “it is not important for Microsoft to close ie, which does not mean that Microsoft does not attach importance to TOC business and only focuses on tob business. If the decline of IE is taken as the starting point, it should be noted that Microsoft cloud computing has become the second largest in the world and is developing steadily.”   According to the 2021 global cloud computing IAAs (infrastructure as a service) market share data released by Gartner, a third-party research institution, Microsoft is second only to Amazon with a market share of 21.07%.   Zhangchengyu said, “Microsoft’s increased investment in tob began around 2010. At that time, the cloud computing business with azure as the core has carried its strategic transformation goal in the next decade. With the slowdown of the growth of consumer Internet, the new demand space is industrial Internet and digital transformation. Microsoft has fully established its advantages around cloud and cloud native software and hardware products, commercial solutions and technical systems, and entered the market harvest period.”