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Techweb reported on February 10 that Akamai, a content differentiation network (CDN) manufacturer, released the traffic data of pirated websites in the first three quarters of 2021. The report shows that the ranking of visits to pirated websites are the United States (13.5 billion), Russia (7.2 billion), India (6.5 billion), China (5.9 billion) and Brazil (4.5 billion).   Source: pixabay   The most pirated resources are television, followed by publishing, movies, music and software (including games and popular software). This result may not have been expected by many netizens, because in our impression, China and Russia are the big countries of piracy. As a result, China, with a population of 1.4 billion, did not enter the top three.   Xiao Lei knows a thing or two about the prosperity of piracy in Russia. Because Russians are unwilling to spend money on genuine games, the Games launched by many manufacturers are the cheapest in the Russian region, with the mentality of being able to sell one by one. Russia has a small population, but the number of visits to pirated websites can rank second. It seems that local people really like pirated resources.   Moscow; Source: pixabay   After thinking about why there are not many pirated visits in China, Xiao Lei believes that the main reason is that Chinese people’s awareness of copyright has been cultivated. Since around 2010, all walks of life in China have begun to pay attention to copyright, and relevant departments are also cracking down on infringement.   More importantly, the domestic film and television industry is gradually growing. Let alone the quality, most Chinese people will choose domestic film and television works to pursue dramas. These works can be found in youaiteng, and Chinese people are more disgusted with pirated things. Before the launch of icey, a domestic boutique independent game, pirated on a platform the next day. As a result, players scolded it off the shelf.   Many pirated websites have chosen Congliang, especially pirated game platforms, which have become game information and strategy websites. The right to speak can even affect the selection of TGA’s best game of the year. This is good news for domestic creators. Their copyright will be protected and they will be able to make higher profits before they have the motivation to continue to create.   As for why piracy is prevalent in the United States, the reason is also very simple. Although the per capita income in the United States is high, the fees charged by the service industry are also high. In addition, local people generally spend ahead of schedule. When they encounter something they want to buy, they have no money and are unwilling to use credit cards. It is natural to find pirated resources.