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If there is any big news in the fashion circle recently,   In addition to the early spring press conference of major brands and Cannes Film Festival,   It must also include the Copenhagen fashion week. These 4 sets of \   2022 Copenhagen Fashion Week Street shot   Every year at Copenhagen fashion week,   We can all see a lot of high-quality Street Photos.   So what is the difference between Copenhagen fashion week and other fashion weeks? These 4 sets of \   2022 Copenhagen Fashion Week Street shot   First of all, you can see the trend of many niche brands.   The second is that it is environmentally friendly.   For example, the latest policy requires that,   All designers comply with 17 minimum standards,   At least 50% of the fabric,   It is a certified upgraded or recycled organic fabric. These 4 sets of \   2022 Copenhagen Fashion Week Street shot   Compared with other regions,   Fashion design in Copenhagen,   There are always beautiful colors,   There is also a sense of creative design. These 4 sets of \   In addition to Nordic fashion,   Ordinary people have a deep understanding of Denmark,   The biggest impression should be Andersen.   For a long time, in people’s minds,   Denmark is always associated with fairy tales. These 4 sets of \   Andersen’s fairy tales include Thumbelina, red shoes, etc.   Denmark has been for many years,   Rated as one of the happiest countries in the world.   It’s hard to imagine a story like the little match girl,   It happened in this country. These 4 sets of \   This country,   In the end, they are all colorful houses,   It looks really dreamy and fairy tale. These 4 sets of \   The fashion industry in Denmark is developed,   It has a lot to do with the culture and geography of this country.   From the clothes of many bloggers,   We can all imagine Copenhagen,   A small house with colorful colors. These 4 sets of \   No. 1 color inspiration: color house   Linkfashion   Houses in Denmark usually have no more than four floors.   Copenhagen has a long winter,   It’s cold again.   If a person is in such an environment for a long time,   Easy to feel inner depression.   So people built many colorful houses,   You might even find that,   The streets of Denmark are also full of fairy tale warmth. These 4 sets of \   Bright colors can stimulate people’s vision,   Not in the long winter,   Feel too low and blue.   Have a positive psychological impact on people.   Maybe it’s a colorful building,   To Danish Fashion talents,   A lot of inspiration for dressing.   The colors on their bodies,   Very beautiful and fashionable. These 4 sets of \   No. 2 color inspiration: Danish nature   Linkfashion   In addition to colorful buildings,   Denmark also has blue sky, sea,   And a large area of green grass,   These are very beautiful natural landscapes. These 4 sets of \   At Copenhagen fashion week in 2022,   See the color matching of fashion talents outside the stadium,   You can think of the beautiful natural scenery of Denmark. These 4 sets of \   In these light green,   With soft and warm color impression.   Whether used in silk skirts,   Or in a cut dress,   They are all very fashionable. These 4 sets of \   No. 3 color matching inspiration: rock and sand   Linkfashion   There is a classic look,   Fashionable and high color matching,   That’s orange red, grey brown and white. These 4 sets of \   Orange red is between orange and red,   This color tends to be more red,   With high purity and bright red,   Enthusiasm and other characteristics. These 4 sets of \   Orange red is bright and eye-catching,   When paired with grey coffee and white,   As bright as the sun,   It gives people a warm feeling. These 4 sets of \   No. 4 color inspiration: Lighthouse and beach   Linkfashion   Layered light brown,   And the reddish brown lighthouse,   It gives people a feeling of color uncertainty.   In fact, the popular neutral color in recent years,   They all have an indefinable and unidentified sense of color.   Although not eye-catching,   But it was impressive. These 4 sets of \   On the blogger,   You can also see the collocation of this color feeling.   A non dazzling sense of beauty,   It makes people feel warm and powerful. These 4 sets of \   Mixed with the colors of the sea and white clouds,   The color hierarchy between the mesh and the elastic fabric,   Street fashion in Copenhagen,   It always makes people see. These 4 sets of \   No. 5 color inspiration: winter in Denmark   Linkfashion   The winter in Denmark feels very long,   Because of latitude,   It was very early in the evening,   Heavy snow,   The whole world is a beautiful cool color. These 4 sets of \   Light grey clothes,   And have the same color feeling as this gray,   Brown, green, etc, They all match this country very well. These 4 sets of \ These colors are also fashionable in recent years.   Bright with soft cool colors,   It will give people a feeling of hope.   In an age of anxiety and anxiety,   These colors are more healing. These 4 sets of \   There is really no fashion in any place,   Like Copenhagen,   There are always so many bright colors,   Kaleidoscopic patterns,   And exceptional design. These 4 sets of \   As a fashion country,   Have a more responsible environmental protection concept for the future,   There is also a unique fashion.   That is, with Copenhagen as the center,   Always brimming with happiness,   It can always give us heart,   Pay attention to the fashion of optimism.